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Fotograf is committed to providing inspiration to disadvantaged children and young people in Africa, enabling them to document their lives, owning their own stories without any expectation of praise or pity. , providing a voice within their community and the wider world.

Our Approach

The project delivers an uplifting, interesting and fun educational programme, which enables young people to create outstanding photographic work, tell their own personal stories, as well as offering the opportunity to continue their learning and education in photography and the arts.

Trained by Professionals

Julian Claxton is the project lead and founder of Fotograf. Julian is an Award-Winning photographer who founded the project in 2015, previously called Give a Child a Camera. He offers a creative and understanding outlook, providing the young people with the foundation for compelling stories.


Direct benefits to the participants include and by no way limited to, building confidence, encouragement of independent thinking and development to create imagery.

Training & Support

The experienced team led by Julian, run the workshops, training the young people in camera operation, composition and other elements required to build imagery. The photographic lead helps to foster a belief in abilities, offering active support and guidance during the image making process.


Helping the young people understand that photography as a tool can be used to highlight issues, enabling storytelling and importantly using their own images as a potential platform to own their own story. Fostering a form of communication between themselves and the world around them.


The process of image making helps to empower the young people to own their story/message. Pieces that make each student unique, without any expectation of praise or pity.

Meet our team

Built from industry professionals, passionate individuals and leaders in the charity sector. The fotograf team is proud to deliver on its mission statement and to be part of the journey of this life changing and inspirational programme.

Julian Claxton

Project Founder & Photographer

Nikki Morris

CEO DeafBlind UK

Emma Drake

Programme and Partnership Manager

Nick Phillips

Owner of Funnells Kitchen

Phill Rushmere

Project Manager & Change Practitioner

Andrew Brisbin

Director of Ventures at Allia

“They saw through the lens and became happy”

Twongyeirwe Ronald

Director. Eden School, Uganda

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